Sigh, I don’t have anything profound or particularly funny – or even much of an update.

I’ve been thinking about the future – mostly the near future as you no doubt realized long ago (tunnel vision R us). Anywho, I have several irons in the fire and one I’d like to throw in.

Unemployment – bwahahahaha. It’s now to the comical stage. IF I ever get it – which I’ve begun to doubt – they want to take back money paid to me three years ago – which means two months of ‘benefits’ down the drain and any chance of buying a car any time soon. Oh, I have every intention of continuing the fight – I’ve just become convinced the thing is rigged.

Disability – beats the heck out of me. Haven’t heard from the doctor’s office – I’ll call tomorrow – or the lawyer – pending the doctor – or SSA (how long can laughing at an application and rejecting it take? Cynical, moi?).  This seems the most likely long term answer – while my legs are improving, I can’t work retail or anything that requires much walking. I don’t have to like it, mind you. It seems wrong to me – I CAN do the work I trained for and I have a Master’s Degree so I should be able to find work that isn’t on my feet – but of course, my feet aren’t the only problem. Grrr, still annoys me.

Job – this is the one I like the best and am making the least progress on (if we define progress as getting much done – if we define progress by results, I’m getting nowhere very well on all fronts…) . I’ve done some hunting, applications and worked on my  resumes (incidentally, am I the only one that thinks Satan had a hand in creating resumes as a means to get a job?) but not as much as I need to (being sick and having to write the Department of Labor constantly got a bit in the way). Sigh, so tomorrow, back on the hobby horse.

Self-employment – no, haven’t worked on this at all unless you count blogging. Work from home would be ideal for me – blogging, writing and consulting would all be right up my alley. But monetizing a blog costs money – that’s not prohibitively expensive when you have an income but it’s unwise right now. On the bright side, I started working on my novella again. No no new posts yet – what I wrote is out of sequence – but the ending is coming together.

It would be nice if I could just focus on one and not three (writing isn’t a focus yet) but that would be leaving hypothetical money on the table in two cases. So this post is misnamed – there aren’t choices here, just stuff I have to keep doing. Such is life – and no, I’m not so much complaining as observing.

But when I’m a famous novelist and buying my first yacht, y’all can all say you knew me when I was just a grumpy blogger with a bunch of no choice choices.



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