Didja Miss Me?


What? You didn’t even notice I was gone? WAAAHHHH!!!!


Okay, I’m over it.

So, yesterday started off really well – got calls made, letters written, stuff washed. Still hunting for the computer tower – but otherwise, did not too shabby until about 11:30. I’d taken my potassium and when I suddenly felt bad, I figured it was the cause. Went and laid down to let it pass – normally that takes less than a half hour.

An hour latter, Mr Tummy had had quite enough and sent back everything still inside. Mr. Colon decided to follow suit. Mr Bathroom and I became best buds for a while.

Six hours later, with intermissions to reacquaint myself with the bathroom, I could finally get up and go back to the kitchen. About an hour later, I went back to bed. My stomach hates me…


Last night, having slept half the day, I fully expected to be up half the night – instead, I slept the whole night. Ironically enough, I’d gotten up early yesterday after having had trouble getting to sleep. I decided to tough it out to make myself ready to sleep earlier -which, of course, did not happen, yet I was in bed asleep before 10.

So far so good today. Everything, except Rocket, is fed. Don’t feel for him – when he gets hungry, he knows where the food is. He just wasn’t in the mood to come this morning.

He has learned a new trick. In order to get out of the yard minus the rodeo, I put him in the backseat while moving the car. Now he heads straight for the door and hops on in. Stupid dog – if he’d put that much brain into staying in the yard…

Anyway, I’ve fed things, practiced, cleaned things (I do this a lot, can you tell?), sorted things (a WHOLE lot of things still need sorting…), had breakfast (which has been obliging enough to stay where it belongs), washed things, washed a lot more things and goofed off (a privilege of actually getting some things done!). I still have to finish the resume updates and go to Wetumpka to print things. I’ll check the mail on the way – being a good girl is tough!


We will not discuss the doggie rodeo. Suffice it that Rocket got to meet the neighbors. Yes, he’s still alive… And in one piece… And sleeping like a baby under the carport….


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