Yeah, They’re My Dogs Alright…


Chocolate figured out how to get out of the backyard on Tuesday. He also figured out that when I told him to stay in the yard, it meant stay in the yard. This worked out okay – I could open the front gate without him tearing into the street and Rocket could eat breakfast by himself.

Yesterday, Rocket figured out how – or bothered – to get out of the backyard, too. He did NOT figure out what that ‘stay in the yard’ command meant and decided to tour the road. Oddly, he only toured right in front and when I moved the car out, he came back in and stayed put.

When I came home, he wanted to visit the neighbors. Chocolate wanted to go with him but decided that the crazed human probably meant that ‘stay’ thing she was yelling insanely. Rocket evidently decided the neighbors could keep and trotted back in the yard as soon as I moved the car in.

Then I had a lovely conversation with the neighbors who are very, very nice – and secretly convinced a lunatic has moved in next door. Anyway, I found out that the back, backyard has a number of holes in the fence. Great – it’s now a race to see how long it takes the Daring Duo to figure that out.

Rocket is safely in the back yard – again – I hope (he was five minutes ago…). I think I know how they are getting out so a concrete block should solve that until I can get a little more aggressive with rebar and a sledge. Chocolate is waiting until morning – mostly to see if this actually works and partially to let me feed Rocket then. If it works, Rocket’s on his own – don’t feel for him, he doesn’t look like he’s ever missed a meal.


In other news, I was in a minor accident yesterday – no harm done and no report filed (yay!). I had to slam on the brakes when a truck in front of me had to do the same thing – a car one or two ahead of him stopped abruptly. I stopped in time – but the car behind me didn’t quite make it.

I got out and couldn’t see any damage – not even to the paint on either car. As I was about to suggest forgetting the whole thing, a siren sounded. A police SUV pulled around (four lanes of traffic at 4:30 in the afternoon, when else?) and pulled alongside me (I got back in when I heard them coming – we needed to move anyway).

The officers suggested pulling into the bank parking lot so we did. Neither of us cared to file a report – no one hurt no damage – and the motor officer had no objection when the two drug enforcement officers checked with him (which explains how we happened to have police nearby at such a busy time). We exchanged information anyway and that was that.

[If by some miracle the other lady ever reads this, the guy I knew in high school with your same last name – that I couldn’t remember his first name right then  – his name was Jim. Barring none, the most polite human being I’ve ever known. He was also voted most likely to need sunblock 1000 on a cloudy day…]


The only call was from DHR – I called back and left a message. I had two letters from DHR and SNAP (food stamps) assuring me I had been accepted. Yay.


I was busy all day yesterday. My legs weren’t as bad and it was cool enough to work in the shop for a while. Scored a lot of paper bags! I use a paper, not a litter, system and I haven’t scoped out as many free paper opportunities as I had in Troy (the local newspaper there has one free day – I knew where to go for all the left overs!) so this is a good thing. Worked on a variety of things – made actual progress (that you can see and everything!) – so why does it feel like I didn’t get anything done?!?!?!


Do it yourself home dentistry – super glue has a surprising if messy use. It buys me about a half day without the bridge feeling loose. Can’t chew with it, of course, but at least I can speak without worrying about it.

It did give me an idea. I’m going to call and see how much a consult would cost with a local dentist – maybe there’s a better temp fix that can be attempted once I have an income? Worth asking as long as the consult fee isn’t too high. The supporting teeth are dead – so would packing in some amalgam and a post let them support the bridge a bit longer? Still would be fragile but all I’m after is time at this point. The real repair is either dentures or implants – I’d prefer implants so I don’t want the extractions done yet (extractions cause bone loss that has to be rebuilt for an implant later).

Soft teeth – I wish they had offered Frequent Flyer miles for dentist chairs – I’d have the implants paid for with that alone! But yeah, that’s how I know. Also how I knew super glue was a possibility.


And that was yesterday…


9:27 AM 8/5/2017 – It didn’t work. Yep, they’re my dogs, alright..
Addendum: here are a few of the promised pics – they are all of Chocolate because Rocket was actually in the backyard and I wasn’t going to chance another episode of ‘let’s leave the yard and drive the human nuts’.
Yes, he decided to smile for the camera.
With all his remaining teethies (next time stay out of the road! Actually, he may have figured this one out..)

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