Writer’s Blockhead


Spent a lovely day at the house. Had devotional. Prayed. Cleaned things. Practiced recorder. Read. Thought. Cleaned more things (seriously, just how many times a day do you little fur balls have to go potty anyway?). Fed things (which starts a vicious cycle of later having to clean more things, I know). Played with things (what the heck, that’s what they’re there for). Cooked. More cleaning. Fed the stupid dog that insists on getting out of the back yard since he wasn’t there for the first go around.

Made a lovely list of things to do on the computer (which I’m not doing, so there). More thinking, a lot of resting (my legs have a very different opinion of this ‘get up and go’ thing than I do), more cleaning (no, not kitty related – am I the only human being on the planet that knows you have to at least occasionally empty the vacuum?), moved things (cars need to come with automatic unloaders, preferably young, male, unmarried and cute). Medicated things (Almond! Sheesh cat, that’s not what that’s supposed to look like!) More thinking, lots of doing.

Good day, really. Nothing in the mail other than a ‘what do you want us to do with parcels’ note from the post office. Only one call – which I missed – but when I checked it wasn’t anything. No word from anything today – good (like a job interview) or bad.

The whole day, when I wasn’t planning a video series on how to make spaghetti (yes, really – I may even do it!), or in prayer, there was a running monologue going through my head of what I’d be writing about tonight.

So, when I sit down to write – this is what you get because absolutely NONE of what I was thinking about all day comes to mind now!

Ah well – tomorrow back to job hunting, disability tracking, fighting with unemployment (they’re getting a complaint from me as soon as I can write it without screaming at the keyboard. I am talking myself out of cc’ing it to the Governor… But I wonder if Alabama has any investigative journalists left…) and the rest of my crazy life.

At least I got some cleaning done…


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