So, what was a pretty good day ended a little sour.

First, I finally – on the sixth try – got food stamps. Yay. I still have paperwork to turn in – so next month isn’t guaranteed but hey, progress.

On the unemployment side, I just found out Legal Services won’t help me. Very nice letter but that’s all.

I’m having a heck of a time ‘certifying’ each week – I couldn’t get online once, they only allow online on Sunday so couldn’t fix it later and the phone literally hangs up on me because of their call volume. I finally got to arrange a callback today – I called at 8:02 am and the automated system gave me a choice between that and a 900 minute wait. So, 15 HOURS later I could expect a call. At 8:06 when I tried again, it hung up on me because of the call volume.
Faxed and mailed the appeal letter yesterday.

Got some work done. My dog Chocolate got out but stayed in the yard (I have no idea who trained this animal – it wasn’t me!). Got oil in the car without killing myself (long story).

Actually made it to an SCA meeting!

Had a problem with my Bing points.


Ya know, it was a pretty good day – never mind!


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