Coupon Score!


And now for something completely different….

Because of the gastric bypass, I take a LOT of supplements – a lot more than you’d think. Some just help keep me feeling okay – others keep me from waking up screaming – neither is actually optional. I buy Rexall from Dollar General, usually on Saturdays ($5 off of $25 is 20% off!).

Saturday, I went in around 8 pm. I needed magnesium (it’s on the absolutely must have list) so I went to get that first. I found these lovely stickers that said ‘buy one get one free’ for Rexall supplements. I got one of each of the six I take, plus a couple packs of the imodium knockoff I use. I had $54 worth pre-tax in the basket.

The register rang it up incorrectly – this is one of those ‘must do when there are people in line’ things registers do – and it came out $41. The nice manager rang it up and overrode the computer since it was after 7 pm – the sale actually began on Sunday but DG’s computers update after 7 pm and honor the new price.

Then a new store coupon – my digital one was used in the first attempt to ring this up.

What would have cost $59.50 after tax cost me $24.50 total!!!! I have enough potassium for a few months – I never get through a whole month without having to buy more! Weeeee!!!!!

Yes, I am easily amused – what was the first clue?

Also, coupons are your friends – use them!





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