Let me state categorically – I HATE job hunting. Hate, hate, hate – intensely DO NOT LIKE.

I hope I’m being clear here – forget monsters jumping out of closets, if you want to make a really great horror movie, it should be about job hunting.

So, no, I don’t like job hunting. I DO it – a lot – but I don’t like it.

However, necessary evil that it is, I’m currently on the job quest. I’ve done my share of online applications (lookie, let’s waste another hour filling out a form that was evidently created in MS DOS) but this time, I decided to try a different approach.

About a year ago, I got a free audio book from Audible – Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love. Miller suggests an aggressive (not in a bad way) paper/call back approach. I’ve listened to the book a dozen times. Bought a paperback version and read it. Then did some soul searching, re-wrote that danged resume again and started mailing letters.

I promptly got fired, had an eviction hearing, had a REALLY painful attack of arthritis and couldn’t walk without crutches for nearly a week. Hasn’t been a great three weeks. Anyway, I let the calls slip (bad girl, I know). Today I had more immediate calls that had to be made but tomorrow afternoon was supposed to be my call start.

And then I got a voice mail – someone is already interested!

I know, I know – still going to make all the calls – interest is not a job offer. I’m not putting the cart that far in front of the horse.

It’s just that I needed the encouragement. Knowing that at least one church takes me seriously is just – I can’t explain. I’m not over the moon but I can see it from here. I’d happy dance but the knee is finally acting half decent and I don’t want another ER trip.

I GOT A CALL!!!! woohoo

Tomorrow will be busy – I’m supposed to call back then. And I have recorder class. And I have to drive to Montgomery. And more letters need to go out. And yes, I need to start those other calls. And check the mail – so far nothing from the court (and I’m perfectly happy with that).

But today, I got a call that tells me my dream isn’t a bad one – that I have a chance to not just find a job but find a new, satisfying career.

My God loves me! I knew it, and know it no matter what – but a little soul hugging is a good thing!


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