Still Waiting

Well, I’m feeling better. Walking is a chore and not an agony – as long as I don’t stay on my feet too long. At least the right knee isn’t hurting with every attempted step anymore – which is a good thing.

Saturday I mailed the appeal of the hardship exemption – not sure when I’ll hear about that, but I expect soon. Other than buying time, I haven’t a clue if it even matters – the decision I received said nothing about the bond. That leaves two possibilities – a hardship exemption on the filing fee of an appeal that will be denied for the lack of a bond or that will be allowed and the bond will need to be posted in order for the actual appeal to go forward. Since I’m dubious of the appeal being successful – the first one should have been but wasn’t – posting a bond is likely a waste of money. Worse, a waste of money I don’t have.

Time, then. Time to get money together. Time to find a new place. Time to move. And I have precious little of it.

But ever so many things that need to be done. Find an attorney for the disability application process. Find a job. Find a place to live. Find a way to make a living in the meantime.

Sigh…. That’s the most frustrating thing about these last two years. Working hard and having nothing to show for it. Two different jobs, lay speaking, and being too tired from that to do much else. Had to give up teaching water aerobics because I was given a really late schedule and didn’t get off until too late in the evening to teach. Sold a few scarves but really didn’t have the time or energy to do effective marketing. Lost my ‘shop’ at the Shriner’s flea market for the same reason – not that it was making anything.

So today I applied for a grant and started a new website to support the grant application. Opened a Patreon account for my fiction writing. Updated Twitter – sorta. Tomorrow I’ll see if anything has come from the court and work on a half dozen products.

Oh, and send more letters and make more calls looking for work – let’s not forget the job hunt.

I just wish I felt like I was accomplishing something…



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